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Breaking Down Upper Digestion...
and Breaking Up With Discomfort

Exploring inflammatory conditions including GERD

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Presenters: Liz Howard & Holli Thompson

Join us for a live discussion on gastrointestinal break down! We'll explore inflammatory conditions including GERD, review the process of upper digestion and discover ways you can help clients experiencing GI discomfort.

About Our Presenters

Liz Howard, Dietitian Nutritionist:
Elizabeth (Liz) Howard, MS, CNS, LDN is National Educator and Clinical Consultant for Steiner Labs, LLC / PhytoQuant USA.  Liz is a clinical nutritionist with 15 years in nutritional counseling, group & workshop production, and postdoctoral nutrition training. Liz worked in practice with medical doctors including gastroenterologists and surgeons (DHMR Clinics) providing counseling on digestive imbalances, and trained wellness professionals on micro-nutritional supplementation while with Biotics Research, LLC.
Holli Thompson, Health Coach:
Holli Thompson is the CMO of Steiner Labs, LLC and acts as the head of marketing and sales for PhytoQuant USA. Holli is a published author (Sunrise River Press), certified Health Coach, and founder of Nutritional Style, a health and wellness consulting and coaching company. Holli has been invited to present to groups such as the US Congress, Google Headquarters, and the American Heart Association, and has appeared on ABC, FX, and CBS networks offering healthy lifestyle strategies.